Pronutrition Vitamin E With (D-Alpha Tocopheryl) Gluten Free - 90 Veg Capsules

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Ratings and Reviews

Jyran 29-08-2021

"I dont usually feel much from the supplements I use but with pronutrition Vitamin E, I actually feel better when I take it - more grounded in a way that I can\'t describe, but its good and I will continue to take"

Iham 27-08-2021

"The quality and value are outstanding in Pronutrition products. This company has been in business for many years, and has a great reputation"

Kanal 26-08-2021

"I feel very good about this company, they don\'t cut corners as they have the Alpha, plus Gamma, Delta and d-Beta. I bought these to help with post menopausal hormone balancing and for healthier skin and I surprised myself by making my own vaginal moisturizer suppository by adding the ingredients of 2 caps"

Sahas 26-08-2021

"pronutrition vitamin e- I trust this brand and have not had any problems with this so for "

Purav 25-08-2021

"This is a larger Vitamin E capsule than I was use to taking. But as with capsules it slides down very smoothly. No complaints. It does its job. I have also found vitamin E to be very effective in treating"

Omkar 25-08-2021

"I\'ve used Vit E all my life, the past few yrs. I\'ve been buying the lowest price, regardless of brand at the pharmancy, I\'ve learned that is the wrong thing to do because the lowest price E, is always synthetic Vit. E. They don\'t tell you this on the bottle, I thought if you go by 400IU, that is what you get, not so! Synthetic Vit.E, \"half strength\" will read di Alpha, real Vit E. will read 400 IU D-Alpha, I chose Pronutrition VItamin 1000IU because It\'s the real thing "

Alif 21-08-2021

"one product with 1000iu on market "

Fravash 19-08-2021

"I needed vitamin E for daily use, and my husband has hypothyroidism. Since using vitamin E he has gotten better I will definitely buy this again "

Aagney 17-08-2021

"I\'ve been using vitamin E all my life, this is excellent product "

Rodas 14-08-2021

"When my vitamin E was low, I searched for a product containing natural vitamin E, such as this. d-alpha tocopherol is the natural form of vitamin E. dl-alpha tocopherol "