Pronutrition Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12) High Potency form - Supports Natural Energy & Metabolism - 120 Vegetable capsules

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Ratings and Reviews

Harishva 27-08-2021

"nice product which gives good result and the flavour is also very good"

Fuad 26-08-2021

"This is the product I used when I get low levels of vitamin b12 and I I\'m really impressed with the result I get my b12 back in normal level so love this product"

Rakshan 25-08-2021

"Used this product for at least 2 months and believe me it gives great results. Buy without second thoughts. Although price is high but it\'s worth"

Udit 25-08-2021

"This vitamin B-12 is amazing ,by using this for three months I\'m feeling very good and full of energy this helped me from my numbness in my feet upto 70% and still I\'m continuing ,this is really very good product"

Bishr 23-08-2021

"It\'s good but it\'s working or not I don\'t know because no affect my health I\'m safer from vitamin d deficiency so my digestion is law"

Wuar 21-08-2021

"vitamin B-12 is good dosage we dont get these from any other brand , i can use these for three months"

Barun 17-08-2021

"This product really worked. It\'s worth the money"

Remy 14-08-2021

"This vitamin B-12 is amazing ,by using this for three months I\'m feeling very good and full of energy"

sharma 10-08-2021

"As always pronutrition is very good. They dont use substances which can harm the body in any way , their products are clean, mostly natural extractions. The taste is good. The flavour too. "

chandra1 10-08-2021

"Although Vitamin B12 doesn\'t have any side-effects since it\'s a water soluble vitamin, it is always advisable to take it under doctor\'s prescription. This product has two advantages. 1. Sublingual (direct absorption)- so for those who can\'t take injections and have problems in intestinal absorption, this is a great product. 2. Methylcobalamin - this is a better form of vitamin B-12 as compared to cyanocobalamin which throws toxins (cyanide) as by-product. All in all, a useful product but I would still emphasize on using this under doctor\'s supervision."