Pronutrition Magnesium Citrate High Potency Form - Pack Of 120 Capsules

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Kanal 26-08-2021

"This product has helped my migraines & forgive the TMI, but also my chronic constipation"

Purav 25-08-2021

"This really helped with my bulky HARD stool when I started pronutrition magnesium citrate. I’ve always been able to use the bathroom due to my primarily vegetarian diet. I started pronutrition magnesium citrate i saw results "

Jaabir 25-08-2021

"Been taking this magnesium for a few years now. Love this brand because there are no added fillers or junk. Simply Magnesium citrate in a vegetarian capsule. Pure is right. Best form of this supplement I\'ve found"