Pronutrition Bone Strength with Calcium Citrate + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 + Magnesium citrate , Zinc Supplement for Complete Bone Health – 120 Veg Tablets

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Acquity 14-12-2022

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Hoseslalt 13-12-2022

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Wotaloody 11-12-2022

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honyday 24-11-2022

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Jyran 29-08-2021

"I have tried several different brands of calcium and this is the absolute best it has all 5 components which give strength to my Bones "

Idhant 27-08-2021

"First of all, I found these pills to be very easy to swallow. The are not too large and they have a smooth coating on them. Secondly, I have been taking them for about three months now after experiencing two fractures and a poor bone density scan. At a recent appointment my bone density had improved"

Harishva 27-08-2021

"A friend told me that she took these based on a recommendation and Dr commented that she healed faster than usual (3 weeks) from a broken wrist. I had just broken my leg and started taking these. Expected I would be on partial weight for several more weeks (I am 72). Dr cleared me for full weight bearing after 9 weeks, and it feels great. Will be interesting to see my next bone scan results"

Sahas 26-08-2021

"Iam not doctor and dont , but I can only attest to my own experience. I believe this is an excellent supplement for healthy bones "

Posha 25-08-2021

"Highly recommended. My sisters bone density test returned to normal after taking these for a year"

Bishr 23-08-2021

"I think this a great product if you are need of calcium for bone health. It has helped my osteoporosis"