Pronutrition B Complex Vitamins - ALL B Vitamins Including B12, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, Folic Acid - Vitamin B Complex Supplement for Stress, Energy and Healthy Immune System 120 Veg capsules (120 No)

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Ratings and Reviews

odormette 27-07-2022

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Harin 29-08-2021

"I have been using this vitamin b complex for a year now, and I consider it to be one of my most important part of my healthy life "

Idhant 27-08-2021

"I have been suffering with migraines since I was 10 years old. I got diagnosed with chronic daily migraines 2 years ago. No matter what I tried I suffered daily with intense pain, fatigue and just overall terrible daily. Finally I decided to order vitamins and came across these. I have been taking them for a week and have noticed a BIG difference. I have energy, my migraines aren\'t as often or as bad as they were. I am genuinely doing so much better that I am shocked this is what\'s working"

Omkar 25-08-2021

"Ran out of my previous B complex supplements about 6 weeks ago. I have some chronic issues that make B complex vital for my daily wellbeing. I also have more than the average number or allergies, some cross over into the fillers that can be present in product. Having been off for 6 weeks, I was certainly feeling it! Ordered these with great hope, but also with the knowledge that I might be allergic to anyone of the ingredients. I happy to say, that I feel so much better, and no allergic reaction"

Jaabir 25-08-2021

"This Super B Complex is powerfully potent. I had the flush even though I took it with food, which usually helps to stop the flush. if you research your B Vitamins you’ll see that the Niacin causes a flush, which makes your face, neck and chest turn bright red. This is completely normal for any B Vitamin that has a high amount of Niacin. If you eat before taking this vitamin, you’ll reduce the amount of the flush reaction. This reaction only proves that the vitamin is working to its potential. "

Gulzar 23-08-2021

"First time trying this product and it does everything a good B complex does"

Tanay 21-08-2021

"powerful really great energy levels "

Fravash 19-08-2021

"Best B Vitamins. Essentially with all B-complex vitamins"

Horatio 17-08-2021

"this is one of its kind b complex, i used it and results are promising "

Chahel 14-08-2021

"This great B Complex is powerfully potent"